Back in June I wrote a little piece about my own personal struggles with mental health & accepting who I was for a community called KNQR (think conquer).

Co-Founder Nick Rutton liked my story & published it to their website.

These guys are all about ‘sharing to inspire’ meaning every single one of us has overcome some sort of adversity at some point in our lives & we all have something to share that could inspire someone else.

My motivation for sharing my very personal story was simply that it was just what I needed when I was growing up.

Meaning, I struggled a lot with who I was & a lot of the time I felt like I had no one to relate to. If back then someone a little similar to myself could of told me everything was going to be okay, then that would of made such a difference. So in a way I suppose I’m reaching out to my younger self, but I’m also putting my story out there for anyone else that’s struggling with the same things I did. It’s going to be okay.

I am a huge fan of KNQR & what they stand for – Not Giving Up, Being True to Yourself, Chase the Life You’ve Imagined, Appreciate & Konquer Each Day.

There are a whole host of different people on this site who have shared their own personal stories, I  would really encourage you to check them out.

I’ll drop the link to the website below & the link to my story if you’re interested in checking it out.

Cheers & Happy Saturday!



Note: Care less. Not, don’t care at all. There is such a fine line. Keeping the balance of caring. Not too much & not too little.

Probably to put it better would be to say choosing the right things to care about, be it people or situations. And letting go of the things that really don’t matter.

I’ve been fighting this battle for 28 years. I’m by no means a “perfect” person (what is that anyway), but I am by nature very gentle & caring. Generally seen as good qualities, but can sometimes be a curse for the holder. I’ll admit, I’ve spent the most part of my life trying to please everyone, keep everyone happy & get everyone to “like” me. It has made my journey thus far an emotional rollercoaster & quite frankly a complete head fuck.

I can honestly say in the past six months, I have finally taken on the old adage of “look out for number one”, or as I prefer to describe my new outlook “love the ones that love you back”. It is like a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

In my life I’ve had relationships break down, with both friends & lovers. I’ve been chewed up & spat out by people I loved & trusted. Ripped off by one employer & taken advantage of by others. I’ve had my house robbed, car broken into & abuse yelled at me as I walk down the street, if for no other reason than just because I was there.

Turns out not everybody likes me! No everybody agrees with what I have to say! Not everybody wants to be my friend!

And you know what? I’m perfectly okay with that. Every single event in my life has brought me to this point right now & I’m pretty happy with the person I’ve become.

You know why that’s so great? Because that’s what I think. I am truly the most important being in my own world. I’m the only person that has to put up with me on a daily basis, the only person that has to live with me & the only person I know how to be.

The moment I started taking stock & stopped giving a shit about people & situations that didn’t matter, was the moment I truly started to live.

Cut yourself some slack. Love the people that love you back. The ones that are in your corner through thick & thin. Cut loose those that bring you down & only pop in & out of your life when it suits them.

Free yourself from taking on everyone else’s worries, expectations & insecurities. Start living & loving your life. Easier said than done sometimes, but if you’re a worrier & a bit of a people pleaser like me, I encourage you to give it a go.


I know posts like this pop up everywhere you look this time of year. I’m not about to jump on the over loaded band wagon of singles dropping bombs on February 14.

Truth is, I think most of us would admit, it is kind of nice having someone special in the mix on Valentines Day. Whether you choose to make a big deal out of the day or not.

This is just my take on reasons why you, like me, should embrace your singledom this Valentines & not beat yourself up on your lack of a significant other.

Last year I thought I did pretty well in the affection & gift giving department with my girlfriend at the time. She was more interested in organising a card for a mutual friend. That’s cool. Can’t win them all. I did receive a gift a week or so after the fact, so I can’t complain too much.

The year previous I also put in a decent amount of effort with another former flame. She broke up with me a few days later.

I’m not bitter. Both relationships were unhealthy & I’m sure both other parties would agree they are better off, as am  I.

I’m actually really relishing my single status & my first single Valentines Day in 3 years.

If you’re also single, don’t despair. I’ve scribed a list of my 4 favourite reasons to embrace being a wolf pack of one, on this day where every restaurant world wide is inundated with tables of two.

1. YOU WON’T GET DUMPED Apparently February the 14th isn’t off limits for ending a relationship. (Neither are the couple of weeks leading up to your birthday, just ask a couple of my exes about both these dates. No day of the year is sacred).

2. NO EXPECTATIONS = NO DISSAPOINTMENT Plain & simple. We’re all human & having expectations comes with the territory. Whether we like it or not. In my experience, expectations, be they big or small, all too often lead to disappointment. Flying solo, you get to avoid the very real chance of building the day up, only to be let down like a lead balloon.

3. YOU GET TO SAVE PAPER/MOOLAH/COIN/CASH MONEY However you refer to your hard earned dollar, look forward to saving a decent portion of it. Prices everywhere, of everything however relevant they may be (cards, flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals) seem to get bumped up in February. Add to that, the chance you get carried away spoiling your other half & this one little day can wind up costing you a small fortune.

4. NO STRESSING OVER FINDING THE PERFECT GIFT Chocolates & a teddy is sweet, but a little too cliché – think “hey just casually stopped at the petrol station on the way home.” Jewellery is generally a little too much – “I’m potentially already planning our wedding.” Where to find the happy medium? It’s a fucking nightmare.  As a side note, I used to buy the odd gift for my girlfriend through out the year & then keep it stashed away for special occasions. Incase I couldn’t find anything when the day rolled around. This works well, that is until you break up & you’re left with a bunch of crap you don’t want or need.

So this February 14, on the international day of “love”,  instead of crying into your pillow, appreciate the little things. Celebrate all the wonderful perks of not being in a relationship. Buy yourself a gift,  do something you love to do.  I’ll more than likely be enjoying an  emu bitter, while eating sangas off the bbq with a bunch of my workmates. As we usually do on a Friday night, after a hard days work in remote North Western Australia. Live in the moment & appreciate the little things. Being in a relationship is not the be all & end all.