It all started off rather casually. A series of photos popped up on my newsfeed, one in particular that rubbed me the wrong way & I disabled my account.

Maybe out of haste, but really just out of pure annoyance. I had every intention of returning. I’d deleted my account in the past & returned after a few weeks hiatus.

But something happened over the next few weeks that I hadn’t expected.

It was like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders. I didn’t miss it. I didn’t miss any of it. The likes, comments, notifications, check-ins, pages, groups, posts, photos, friend requests or newsfeed. Not a single thing.

I started to realise that I didn’t actually like facebook. In fact, the whole thing really pissed me off.

I really don’t care that you can bench press 100kg & feel the need to announce it to your world of cyber friends. Your brooding bathroom selfie does absolutely nothing for me, except scream “in desperate need of attention”. Same with your half naked profile picture showing off your new tattoo. None of it impresses me in the slightest.

A good friend of mine asked me if I’d sent out a “group email” to announce my departure from the world’s most popular social networking site? Well, no. If we’re close enough then they’ll have my number or email address. Failing that, if they’re keen to get in touch, then they’ll be able to contact someone that does have my details. It’s not like I’ve become un-attainable.

In 2006 I lived in London & facebook hadn’t yet hit my group of friends & I. We called each other & caught up with each others news by talking face to face or over the phone. When you think about it, these days you can quite easily keep up with what’s going on in other peoples lives without having any actual contact with them. It’s all there on screen to view! I don’t think that’s necessarily such a good thing.

Add to all that the issue of exes & trying to distance yourself from being bombarded with reminders of them. Deleting or blocking a person is a quick fix, but what about mutual friends? Seems so much easier to just remove the common denominator that connects you all – yourself.

How “real” is it all anyway? It started to appear to me, as if it was all some sort of popularity contest or competition to see who led the most exciting life. I will admit that I definitely felt the pressure to post photos of holidays & check in at every restaurant or event I went to, no matter how mundane it really was.

When you break it all down, none of it really matters. If your life really is so exciting, then why is so much of it spent online?

Needless to say you won’t find me on facebook anymore. However, Instagram (ironically owned by facebook) I do like. Un-complicated photo sharing & I am a big fan.

Here’s to not conforming to the mainstream! From what I’ve been reading lately, it seems I’m not the only one to give facebook the big flick.